Polymorphism in Python

Polymorphism is a ability of the method to appear in more than one form.  Type of Polymorphism Compile-time and Run-time Polymorphism.

Python supports only Run-time Polymorphism.  It is implemented by using

  1. Inheritance
  2. Method/Function Overriding
  3. Base Class Object to Invoke the derived class Method
#Exmple - Runtime polymorphism in python

class Shape: # define parent class
     def draw(self):
          print ('Drawing various shapes')

class Rectangle(Shape): # define child class
     def draw(self):
        print ('Drawing Rectangles')

class Circle(Shape): # define child class
     def draw(self):
        print ('Drawing Circles')

# Creating the object of Rectangle class

# Creating the object of Shape class [Base class]

print('Python Runtime polymorphism Output')
# calling the draw method from Shape class

# Assigning the Reference of the Rectangle class to Shape class
sh.draw() # calls the draw method from the Rectangle class

# Assigning the Reference of the Circle class to Shape class
sh.draw() # calls the draw function from the Circle class

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