Python Module

Module is a collection of classes and Functions in Python. Functions are grouped into module based on its functionality.


  1. Built-in
  2. User Defined

Example – User Defined Module

# Math Module

def add(a,b):
return a+b

def sub(a,b):
return a-b

def prod(a,b):
return a*b

def div(a,b):
return a/b

Save the file as “”

Program 1
Using the Module

import mathdemo as md

print(“Difference = “, mathdemo.sub(5,3))
print(“Product = “, md.Div(9,3))

Program 2
# calling the module
from mathdemo import *

print(“Sum = “, add(2,3))
print(“Product = “, prod(2,3))

Note: import keyword is used add the module reference to the current Python file.
prefix the module name before the function name.

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